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Expert Rug and Repair Techniques for Your Silk Rug

If you own a silk rug, chances are that it’s one of your favourite possessions. You might have inherited it, purchased it as a valuable investment or received it as a gift from someone close to you. However you came by it, though it probably occupies pride of place in your house, with its fine material and lustrous sheen.

Here in Chappaqua, we believe every silk (and area rug) deserves the best possible clean to ensure their rug returns to them in optimum condition.

Tried and Tested Techniques and Green Products

We have over 20 years experience in this business and employ only staff who know their trade. This means they can offer individualized solutions to your needs and have an eye for detail that you won't believe.

The techniques we used are tried and tested and the products we use are only eco-friendly. All this means you’re getting the best possible treatment around.

High-Quality Hand-Cleaning For Your Silk Rug

After your silk rug has arrived at our facility, we will put it through the following series of steps:
Inspection - we check its condition, age and material state, to ascertain exactly what kind of care we should give it.
Dusting - when grime and dirt go deep into your rug’s fibers in daily life, they build up and ‘cake’ the material, weakening it. Our powerful dusting shakes everything loose.
Pre-treatment - we apply a conditioning spot and stain pre-treatment.
Cleaning - we will then clean your silk rug or area rug by hand. We massage the fibers with soft bristled brushes and the whole process is carried out with the utmost care..
Drying - We let the rug dry naturally,making sure the pile is aligned and the fringe is straightened..

100% Guarantee On Every Job

We want you to feel confident using our services - and to make you more secure in the knowledge that we will do a good job we offer a 100% guarantee on every job. If you are not happy, just let us know and we will come back and do it again!

We’re proud to serve all your needs in the Chappaque and NY area - give us a call now to find out more about how we can help. Your satisfaction is our goal!

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Expert Silk Repair and Restoration Services

We also offer a full range of silk and area rug repair and restoration services for your precious silk or area rug. Over time, especially if in a high traffic area, it’s going to be subject to the elements and human chaos too! If it has faded and needs color restoration, if a hole needs darning, the fring needs repairing...we are here. Our staff are experienced professionals who will not rest until their work is completed to the highest of standards .

Every repair and restoration job also includes a free cleaning, so your rug is also returned to you smelling fresh!

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